Meet The Animals

Here, you will find featured stories of some of the animals that have been rescued by Refuge RR. The stories rotate, so check in often to meet different members of our family! Each animal featured is in search of a sponsor to aid in their monthly expenses. Their sponsor could be you!

Click the link below to sponsor an animal. Be sure to include the name of the animal you want to sponsor, their category (Large, Medium, or Small) as well as if you want a Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsorship. Check our “Sponsor” page for more information on sponsoring, and for lists of all our animals in search of a sponsor.

Sponsor an animal


Hello! My name is Bali. I am a baby Jersey cow, and I’m only a couple months old. In October, Refuge RR rescued me from a dairy farm, where I was going to be killed. In the dairy industry, male cows are not useful since we can’t produce milk. So, it becomes common practice for farmers to dispose of male calves as soon as they are born. Luckily, I was saved. I love to run, jump, and play at the refuge with all of my new friends, including Kelso the cow! I am still looking for a sponsor who can cover all my monthly expenses, and who would love to come visit me!


My name is Jimmy! I am 23 and I have been living at Refuge RR for 16 years. Originally, I was an abused racehorse from Kentucky. I had a history of doing what I had to do to get riders off my back and broke a few legs (human legs) in the process. Although I’m a longtime resident of the refuge, I’m still very shy around people, but I’ve come a long way from the terrified racehorse who first arrived here. I was so nervous, I needed help walking to the water bowl for 3 months! Now, I’m looking for a loving donor to help me out by becoming my sponsor. Could it be you?


If you’ve ever been to the Refuge, then you most likely know me! My name is Saddam, and I am a rooster. However, although I’m not very big, I’m the most ferocious animal here! Visitors are warned about me as soon as they walk down the driveway. I will protect my flock (and herds of all species) with more heart than anybody here (so watch your ankles). I have become a bit of a celebrity among visitors, but I still don’t have a sponsor. If you would like to help cover my monthly feed and medical expenses, please apply to sponsor me!


Hello! I’m Annie. I came to Refuge RR in April of 2018. Believe it or not, I’m 32 years old! However, when I got here, I was emaciated from lack of food and care. I was extremely skinny and my spirit was down. When my story was first published,  many people told RR that I should be put down because of my age. But shame on you, because look at me now! I am healthy, happy, and enjoying the last years of my life here. Every animal deserves a chance at a good life, no matter our age. Please consider being my sponsor!


Hi there! My name is Lily, and I am a new addition to the Refuge RR family. When I was only 3 weeks old, I fell off a transport truck that was taking me to a growing facility. When I fell off the truck, I was so severely injured that I would not have survived if I hadn’t been rushed to the animal hospital.  After being treated and spending a lot of time recovering, I made it home to Refuge RR. When I first arrived, I weighed only 12 pounds and was smaller than my kitty friends! Now, I’m growing big and strong and living my happiest life.


My name is Beauty, and I am a beautiful Thouroughbred! I was rescued many years ago. When I cam here, I had a horrible infection, which had been continuously leaking puss out of a hole in my side for 5 years before I was rescued. I was taken to 2 different veterinary hospitals, had 3 surgeries, tried countless medications, and it was found that I had a broken rib and a dislodged bone had caused my infection. It had never been treated by my previous owners. But now, at 24 years old I am infection free and loved every day, as it should be!