Defending and protecting animals,
because all lives are equal.

Welcome to Refuge RR

Refuge RR has been a registered charity since 1990, and was initially created in 1987. While located in Ontario, Canada, we also provide full assistance to the entire province of Quebec. We rescue, rehabilitate and offer refuge to animals that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. We often travel vast distances to help animals in need and have experienced, qualified people caring for them here at the Refuge.

We rely entirely on your generosity to keep running. We have no paid employees, and 100 percent of your donations and sponsorships go directly to the animals. Join us in our mission to offer refuge, rescue and rehabilitation to creatures of all shapes and sizes, and help us change the way the world treats animals.

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Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of the Refuge animals and their caregivers. We will have to postpone all visits and events until further notice (please DO NOT show up unannounced)

During this time we will still answer emergency calls for animals in distress ONLY.

Meanwhile, due to the fact that the animals consume over 3000 kg of feed and 24,000 lb of hay weekly, we have to hope that our feed stores can continue to supply us with what we need as we cannot store that large amount. We also hope that the hay dealers will continue to find hay, which in itself is already impossible to find due to the environmental effects of climate change and their inability to grow enough in our area.

Sadly, due to the pandemic donations have increasingly dwindled to nothing. Please consider GIVING a gift to the animals from afar by making a donation to help get them through these trying times.

We empathize with all the families that have been touched by the virus and encourage everyone to take precautions to stay safe and hope we will get through this as a global community.

2023 Refuge RR Calendar Fundraiser is ON!

As every year, you have the opportunity to help Refuge RR animals by getting one or more calendars for the coming year.

This year we present you a few of the numerous animals we saved in 2022 as well as a short description of the reasons why they ended up at the refuge.

For ONLY $25 each, including shipping (Canada only), you can contribute in helping these sentient beings live a life of well-deserved peace and security.

Don’t wait until the last minute. ORDER yours NOW to make sure you get your copy (ies) as there will be ONLY ONE print of the calendars.

Calendars will be mailed in late October, mid-November.

“Also, keep in mind that each one of these wonderful beings are in need of a sponsor to help with their food and care expenses. Please, consider becoming a sponsor.” Click HERE to visit the Sponsor page to know more about sponsoring.



“A tribute film, a call to action, RefugeRR in face of Covid19”

We also invite you to view a special video next Saturday May 2nd.

Click on the button below to be redirected to our Facebook page event.

Tribute film, a call to action

Please, click below to help us during COVID-19.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France