Our mission

We aim to help the most abused in our society. Refuge RR rescues all animals in need, from all different sectors of animal industries such as the farming, equine, and pet industries, and we also help in all kinds of animal emergencies, including assisting with urgent wildlife cases. We rehabilitate and offer veterinary care to some of the worst physical abuse and mental trauma cases the animals have been through. Once the animals are rehabbed, we try to re-home them into suitable families, but for those who are not adoptable, we offer life long refuge here.

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Our story

It began with the rescue of one horse that was destined for slaughter, and a lamb that was left to die. After these rescues, we started to get calls for many different types of animals that were in urgent situations and needed help. We realized we had to do something to help animals in need, so the Refuge was created in 1987, and was registered as an official charity in 1990. We're now one of Canada’s largest animal sanctuaries, home to over 250 animals of every size and species.

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Our refuge

Refuge RR is based in Alexandria, ON, near the Quebec border. The animals are free to roam on over 70 acres of land, in vast fields and beautiful forests. We receive visitors throughout the year who are interested in learning about animals. Without interfering with the herds that live in the various pastures and forest areas, visitors learn about the different habitats and needs of our varied residents, the social habits and communication of the different species, inter-species bonds, friendships within different animal groups, and connections made between animals and their caregivers, as well as the rehabilitation of animals from illness/abuse to health/vitality.

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Our team

Refuge RR is a family-run Rescue. We are a very small team doing an extraordinarily big job. We work day and night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We do this solely to help the animals who have been abused and neglected by society. The refuge is run entirely on donations, and we have NO paid staff. That means all of your donations go directly to helping the animals, and we rely heavily on donors and sponsors to stay running.

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