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7 year old Thoroughbred . When you see this boy you will find he is stunning with his long mane, great looks and brilliant personality...Only after learning his story will you find out that he is totally blind. Clarks owner died and cared enough to include him in his will. He was sent to friends to be cared for. After discovering that they did not have the time to do so , they entrusted the refuge to care for this special boy. What is even more amazing is that Clark is Secretariat's ( the fastest racehorse in history) grandson.

More Horses

(2001 - ) Mule mare

An adorable female mule sent to the refuge because she was of no use to her owners. Her birth, in a field, went unnoticed for months by her owners so she had no human contact as a foal. Because of this Anita does not bond with people and very much prefers her own kind so she fits in beautifully with the herd.


Baby Fawn
(1998 - ) Standardbred mare

Born at the Refuge ,after her mother Jolly  was rescued by the Refuge to save her from going to slaughter.



(2000 - ) Standardbred gelding

Beezer is an ex-racehorse (Backstretch Boy) who suffered a broken knee. This injury was left untreated and as a result Beezer has a deformed leg. He spent five years being passed around before he came to us. The horses at the Refuge accepted Beezer as he is - here he is loved equally by all.



(2004 - ) Standardbred mare

Belle was a successful racehorse before she broke her leg at age two. She then had a job transfer - as a broodmare. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, her first foal died at birth. The owner decided to send her to slaughter but luckily the trainer intervened and contacted us. This shy (with people) mare is the Belle of the ball with the geldings at the Refuge.



(1982 )

Chico's owner contacted the Refuge claiming he could not afford to feed him anymore. When the Refuge arrived to collect him, it was discovered that the owner had in fact 20 other horses and Chico, thin and old, was just a liability to him. Chico, nervous with the other horses, was placed with our blind gang where he patiently awaits his meals and TLC.



(1986 - ) Donkey, gelding

A retired farmer  who closed up and moved to the city, placed this small donkey at the Refuge.


RIP Crescent

(1982 - 2010 ) Standardbred mare

She had a long career in harness industry where she was used as a brood mare. Although the owners retired her at the Refuge she is not supported by them.


RIP Derby

(1997 - 2012  )  Pony gelding

Derby was sent to us because he suffered from moon-blindness in one eye. He is now totally blind. Derby has been easily accepted by his own kind and is very happy. He does not seem to mind a bit that no one would adopt him because of his poor eyesight.


Finnegan (Finny)

(2006 - ) pony gelding

Finnegan was born at the Refuge after his mother (Lea - pregnant at the time of rescue) along with her yearling and four male companions (stallions) were rescued from their home. The entire group was emaciated. We were asked to take this family immediately or they would be removed some other way…


RIP Ginger

(1976 - 2013   ) Belgian gelding

In 2005 we were contacted to help get Ginger off the streets of Montreal. Ginger had spent 22 long hard years hauling loads through the heat and fumes of Montreal's streets. The Refuge placed Ginger into an adoptive home shortly after, along with another caleche horse, Sharlot. In June 2008 both became permanent residents of the Refuge and here they will remain in peace. Now they will be the ones being served – with a smile.



(2003 - ) Pinto gelding

Jasper is a playful and inquisitive young horse that loves to investigate and get involved in whatever horseplay is going on. You have to look closely to realize that this happy guy is almost totally blind. It doesn't stop him from enjoying his freedom.



In memory of James E Barret
(1994 - ) Thoroughbred gelding

Jimmy was purchased by an individual who witnessed his severe beating at a racetrack. This new owner soon discovered that Jimmy was too traumatized by his ordeal to ever be ridden again, so it was decided the Refuge was the safest place for him. Jimmy is gentle and careful around people now, safe in the knowledge that the Refuge volunteers do not expect anything from him.


(1992 - ) Pinto Mustang mare

Julie was a free mustang in Alberta before being captured and used as a PMU mare. During the drought (hay shortage) in 2001 she was shipped out of the province. Her new owner discovered just how wild she was. Julie almost became his dinner, before “angels” intervened and purchased her freedom at last. These wonderful people brought Julie directly to us to stay for the rest of her days, knowing her spirit would never be broken but would remain free.



(2003 - ) Standardbred Mare

Kayla came from a seriously abusive home. As a result of beatings about her legs, she has developed arthritis in her hind hock and a crooked pelvis. When we took her in, she was emaciated and in pain. With proper care and nutrition, this beautiful mare is finally enjoying a pain-free life.



(Age unknown) Pony mare

Lea (missing one eye & partially blind in the other) was pregnant and malnourished when we took her and her filly (Polly) in. She had a tough life in her old home, living off the land (without feeding or medical care from owners) among four stallions.


Little Black

(1997 - ) Pony gelding

Little Black was rescued from an auction, at less than a year old, by the Refuge. The Refuge was at the auction handing out flyers at the time. Little Black was in a seriously neglected state and no one bid on him. The Refuge made the decision right then to buy him - to save his life. For such a little guy, he has tremendous presence. He thinks he is so huge – so funny to see him play with the big boys.



(1998 - ) Arab cross gelding

He was rescued the day before he was due to go to slaughter. He was just a baby at the time. Now all grown up, Lucky is handsome and adored by all the mares. Although he is a big boy he is quite a gentleman with the horses and people alike.



(1988 -2013  ) Holstein/Thoroughbred gelding

M&M came our way when his one and only owner decided he was no longer useful, now that he had developed a bowed tendon. After 19 years of devoted service in the show circuit, he was cast aside for a new riding machine. After some adjustment to being “a horse” and making his own choices day to day, M&M has finally come into his own. He is now a calm and relaxed member of the herd.



(2001 - ) Pony gelding

Nemo was left with us temporarily when his owner was making a change of residence. She never came back to get him. This is fine with Nemo as he settled in to stay long ago.



(±1988 - ) Bay, thoroughbred gelding

Nutmeg was near death's door when the refuge was called in to check on him and his companion (Sydney). Nutmeg was listless and bone-thin. Both horses were taken permanently into the refuge. Nutmeg's rehabilitation has completely transformed him. He is a now new horse!



(2005 - ) Pony mare

Polly came to us as a yearly along with her mom (then pregnant on Finnegan) see Lea. When we went to pick up this little family, Polly had to be carried. She was badly malnourished causing her legs to be deformed. After a few months of love and proper care Polly began running along with the rest of them. She is the picture of health now.


(1996 - ) Standardbred mare

Sarfi was taken in by the Refuge, at the age of two, to save her from the horrors of the harness racing industry.


RIP  Sharlot

1976 –2011 ) Quarter horse/Belgian gelding

Sharlot worked the streets of Montreal as a Caleche horse for about 20 long, hard years. Sharlot was placed with Ginger (see above) into an adoptive home. In June 2008 both became permanent residents of the Refuge. They will stay with us to the end of their days.


(1990 - ) Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding

Slim was placed at the refuge by an individual who campaigned door to door to pay the owner the meat price. Slim was destined for slaughter because he could no longer be ridden. Slim does not show any lameness when he is not being ridden. He comfortably walks, trots and gallops along with the rest of the herd.


(1996 - ) Quarter Horse Paint gelding

Sydney (arthritic) was rescued along with Nutmeg from an owner that did not know how to care for them and didn't know where to call for help. The Refuge was alerted to their plight by concerned passers-by. It was lucky for these two, that people got involved, because now they are enjoying the good life with plenty to eat and friends to share it with.



(1989 - ) Westphalian-Canadian gelding

Whiskers has grown up with the Refuge. He is the foal of our beloved late Fuddy, the horse that inspired it all. He has grown up in a loving and peaceful environment, and enjoys the best of both worlds – freedom and protection.


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