Not Forgotten

Gone but not forgotten



There is no doubt that horses bond with each other and feel grief and loss just as we do. We have witnessed many times the horses gather around a deceased friend. In one case a companion whinnied out loud just as her friend passed away.

As each individual passes away we cannot help feel our heart break a little more each time.


Jingles was a quiet, pretty pony, abandoned in a forest and found by a neighbour when he tried to steal hay.  Over the age of 30, Jingles fell ill quite suddenly on New Year’s Eve 2007.  His best friend, Magic is inconsolable.





On December 2007 the refuge family lost Chanel, a beautiful opinionated ex-racehorse. She mothered and fussed over all the ponies, especially Jasper, her special friend, a blind young Pinto. Chanel gave Jasper the confidence to play and prance without fear. Watching Jasper mirror Chanel's every move was an exhilarating experience. We all grieve for the loss of Chanel, but none more then Jasper and the herd of ponies.






   Mikey was retired at the Refuge by loving owner. Words cannot express the loss of this incredibly affectionate pinto. Mikey had a character that was much bigger than the body he inhabited. His unexpected departure has left a gaping wound in our hearts and void in the herd, that no one has yet attempted to fill. He will be terribly missed as herd leader, especially by his buddy,Little Black and all who had the good fortune to know him.



 (     - 2006)

Was a 21-year-old Warm-blood. This large yet timid mare had Cushings. She was placed in a home but was returned to us when the situation changed.



(     - 2007)

Was a 30+ Buckskin gelding. This senior equine suffered neglect at the hands of an ignorant stable owner.



(1982 - 2007)

Standardbred gelding. Originally a racehorse whose career ended because of bleeding lungs. Brought to the refuge after he was found starving in an open field at 30 degrees below zero, without food, water or shelter.



Was a 24-year-old thoroughbred gelding. 
This ex-racehorse did years of show jumping before working at a rehab centre for handicap children.



Was a 24-year-old Warm-blood. He was retired by his owner after many years in the show jumping ring.



(1973 - 2009)

This beautiful mare was lovingly retired and supported by her caring and responsible owner.  Jackie was a very special girl who had the run of the Refuge.  We've all been crushed by her passing, especially Clyde the donkey.





On Saturday March 6th 2010 our little Charisma left us. After a fluke accident she went to Ste-Hyacinthe where she fought her last and most incredible fight.The Vets and staff fell in love with her and had rarely seen such a little fighter who wanted to stay alive and who amused and fascinated them all. Our hearts are broken that she had to leave this way, her life shortened by a stroke of bad luck. She will now be in peace and will no longer suffer. She will be in our hearts forever. 

 Lovingly sponsored by Karin.





( - 2010)

The princess that she was had all the boys at the Refuge madly in love with her.

She will be greatly missed by all of us including Claire her proud sponsor.




(1993 - 2010)

Magic experienced extreme cruelty at the hands of people before being rescued.  With the help of local authorities, Magic was seized and placed in the permanent care of the Refuge. He was our gorgeous shy boy which we worked hard at earning his trust. 

 He will forever be in our hearts, we love you Magie!






Sammy with best friend Sharlot.


Excalibur -
Died at the age of 27. A kind a gentle soul who spent seven years at the Refuge.

Montego Bay -
Died at the age of 38. He was a school horse whose owners kindly placed him with the Refuge at the age of 25. He enjoyed almost 14 years of a well-deserved, peaceful retirement.

Willy -
Died at the age of 32. He spent the first 18 yrs. of his life being passed from owner to owner. His last owner loved him dearly and entrusted us with his care when it was time to retire him.

Jolly -
Died at the age of 9. A broodmare rescued by the Refuge. Her two daughters Sarfi and Baby Fawn remain at the Refuge.

Honey-Bear -
Died at the age of 19. A sweet gentle pony with a very big heart.

Quick Limerick (Quickly) -
Died at the age of 20. Broodmare finally retired at the age of 19. Spent her last year in peacefull retirement which was long overdue.

Kiara -
Died at the age of 20. Her untimely death shocked us all and burned a mark in our hearts forever.


Other beloved residents



(1999 - 2010)

She was the most loving, playful creature and she is deeply missed.

We love you & miss you Robbie!




 This poor frail girl had a short stay with us . She contracted a vicious desease and despite all the efforts of the vets , she could not be saved.We hope that she got to know how it felt to be loved as we are sure it would have been the first time for her.